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Project Description

The IXNAE project is a 2D XNA engine to help developers quickly develop XNA games without worrying about simple, repetitive tasks. IXNAE simplifies tasks such as sprite sheet animations and simple game objects.

Why XNA?

XNA is a powerful game framework that lets developers create games for Windows, Xbox 360, and Zune. It uses C#, so even newbies can start developing games without having to learn a more complex language like C++.

IXNAE Features
  • Sprites
    • Animations(Play, pause, set frame, animation speed)
    • Scaling
    • Colorizing
  • Objects
    • Associated sprite(Draws and updates with the object)
    • Position/Velocity/Gravity
    • Collisions
    • Can keep objects on screen
    • Object spawners to spawn multiple objects(useful for bullets or spawning enemies)
  • Backgrounds
    • Stretch and tile modes
  • Math
    • Int <-> Bool conversion
  • Input
    • Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox 360, and Zune input
    • Button state(pressed or released) checking
    • Analog stick support
    • Zune pad support
    • Mapping of D-Pad and keyboard arrows to a Vector2(useful for movement)
  • Text
    • GameFont class to bind a SpriteFont and formatting information
    • Drawing text
  • Sound
    • Using sound from an XACT file
    • Using normal .wav, .wma, and .mp3 files

IXNAE Example

The IXNAE engine comes with an example game showcasing the main features of the engine, such as animations, objects, music, and sound effects. The game is similar to the Game Maker example, 1945(which in itself is a remake of the arcade game 1942).

IXNAE Sprite Font Generator

IXNAE also has a SpriteFont generator, available at:

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